About Us

Fokus – Reliability is a young consultancy, and training company, founded in 2011 with a never ending push for continuous improvement and increases overall Reliability for our clients. We are partners with Stratum Consulting Partners, and constitute their Asset Management Consulting and Coaching arm.


Our consultants reside in four continents, and have extensive backgrounds in Reliability and Maintenance from the perspectives of Engineering, Maintenance, EAM/CMMS, management, as well as the ground floor


We know that the front line is where the daily success of your operations is built, and we spend our time with your front line employees, first line supervisors, and planners to make them successful in keeping your competitive edge.

We are members of the following organizations for best practice Reliability practices:

The Institute of Asset Management

The Institute of Asset Management


The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals


International Council for Machinery Lubrication